Easiest Way to Install a Raw Water Pump Impeller

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We are introducing a new solution to service marine engine water pumps, which in the past has been a difficult problem. In some cases it can be almost impossible to insert the impeller into the cavity of a raw water pump. Not only inserting impellers require significant compression to insert them into the cavity of the pump. They are also usually in difficult and hard to get to areas.

With our new patenting pending impeller installation tool, inserting the impeller becomes simple and easy for boat owners and marine mechanics alike. This impeller instillation tool can save hours of time servicing a water pump. This can be essential if you are out at sea and need to make an emergency repair.

Using our impeller installation tool is easy; first lubricate the tool and cavity with glycerin or a liquid soap. Then rest the impeller installation toll on a flat surface with the wider portion of the tool up. Place the impeller on top of the impeller installation tool and push down while rotating the impeller in the shaft rotation. Now push the impeller all the way down the tool until it contacts the bottom surface.

Insert the impeller installation tool with the impeller into the pump cavity and slightly rotate until it engages the shaft transfer connection, then slide the impeller installation tool to the bottom of the cavity of the pump. In case of a free spinning pump shaft, it's important to prevent the shaft from spinning while inserting the impeller installation tool so the impeller aligns with the shaft and the transfer connection. With the impeller installation tool at the bottom of the pump cavity, slightly rotate the tool in the direction of the compressed veins and at the same time, pull out the tool from the cavity. The impeller is now installed. Simply reinstall the pump cover with a new gasket and your done.

As you see, this a new way of servicing the pump that makes the difficult task of installing the impeller quick and simple.

Another problem with servicing raw water pumps is removing the old impeller. Currently there are no practical impeller removal tools on the market. Traditionally the impeller is removed with screwdrivers. This usually damages the pump housing which can lead to a leaking pump. With our new impeller removal tool, removing an impeller is easy.

To remove an impeller, simply place the tool 90 degrees in relation to the pump cavity cam and pull up the locking mechanism lever so the jaws lock onto the impeller. Now pull up and the impeller is removed.

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